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Our home and training facility are located in Southeast Manitoba. We are a large-dog training facility and breeder of Dobermans. We believe in breeding health tested Dobermans for healthier puppies. Our puppies are born and raised in our home as a part of our family. We produce only black (w/rust) and red (w/rust) Dobermans. We do not produce off color nor do we support the breeding of white Dobermans.

We recognize there is also a need for a Doberman and Doberman rescue in Manitoba. This is run as a nonprofit independently from our breeding and training programs. Open the Rescue tab for more information on our mission and how you can help. 

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About our Breeding Program

With the advancements in health testing, we strive to produce healthy, even-tempered puppies. We use Puppy Culture with elements of AviDog and BioSense to develop the skills and socialization of each puppy. At 49 days, our puppies are evaluated using the Volhardt Scale. The results of the Volhardt scale and our evaluations of puppies allows us to match each puppy to the best family. Our goal is to pick the FurEver family that gives the puppy the best chance at success.

In our blog you can find descriptions of the programs and protocols we have. We teach about the misty method, puppy socialization, and our high standards of care. Training and great manners is something we take pride in. All puppies go home with a foundation for Basic Obedience. Training aids can be found in the “New Puppy Packs” available with many other items for owning a new puppy. Each puppy pack also includes a pet passport, basic grooming supplies, food, treats, health insurance for 6 WEEKS, a blanket and a favorite toy. All vetting is done per vet recommendations including deworming, first & second vaccines, flea and tick prevention, and a health check. Every puppy receives a microchip or a tattoo.

We provide one of the most extensive health guarantees for our puppies. We guarantee puppies are healthy when they leave our care and that they are free of genetic defects for life.

Doberman aka Velcro Dog 101

  • Dobermans are natural athletes who need lots of stimulation. Exercise, games, and training to provide physical and mental simulation are important.
  • Dobermans are inside dogs meant to be part of the family. No Doberman should ever be kept outside or isolated from his or her human and dog family for extended times. Family is a Dobermans everything. Be prepared to assume that role.
  • Dobermans are called Velcro dogs. You’ll never be alone in the bathroom, or the closet, or the laundry room again. Wherever you are, your Doberman will be there if he or she can get there. If you don’t want a constant close companion, don’t get a Dobie. Their greatest pleasure is to be close to you. That’s part of their breeding, after all.
  • The Doberman Pinscher is one of the top five smartest dog breeds. They need lots of mental stimulation. If they don’t get that, they will tell you all about it; perhaps by eating your couch or swallowing toys and baby socks in a fit of frustrated boredom (Yes, it happens).
  • Dobermans are extremely intuitive and have a strong desire to please. They neither need nor appreciate loud, harsh tones, or rough, domineering people. Often they “get it” before you do. Patience, practice, and gentleness, along with treats and fun, will work well in the training process.
  • Dobermans were bred to be guardians of the person. Out of your Dobie’s very strong bond with you and your family comes your Dobie’s readiness to protect you with its life. Respect that. Don’t toy with it or show it off or needlessly set your dog up by antagonizing someone, even in play. In other words, if trouble comes, your Doberman is bred to address it, but don’t go looking for it.

Make sure you do some research on training Dobermans. They are not your typical dog. We highly recommend, and this may sound silly, to take a training class before you get a doberman. Our opinion is that dog training lessons are more for the human side of the relationship then for the dog itself. Dobermans want to make you happy. You need the tools to be able to teach a Dobie how to be the family member they are meant to be. By going alone and watching, you can soak up and take note to retain more of what the lessons are.



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